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With its gilded ceiling, handmade Venetian lights, and splendid crescent windows, Graffiti remains ArtHouse’s unofficial embassy of opulence. Taking its name from the ancient art form "Sgraffito", this high-Bohemian temple is where you can enjoy an exquisite meal before retiring to the adjacent lounges for a quiet drink, coffee or cocktail.


Capacity: 300 (cocktail); 150 (theatre); 140 (sit down)


Originally used as both a theatre and a chapel and boasting a 30-foot high ceilings and hand-painted and detailed walls, Verge Bar is our answer to the humble public bar.


Capacity: 500 (cocktail);

200 (theatre)


Much to the dismay of gentlemen across our fair city, this former smoking room, and chess club is no longer used for either of those activities. To the delight of many others, however, it is now an intimate cocktail bar and a thriving hub of intimate private functions and networking events.


Capacity: 100 (cocktail); 50 (theatre); 44 (sit down)


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